To our wonderful, supportive community

With the safety of our dedicated team and you as our top priority, please be assured that we are still open.

We are doing all we can to keep supporting the community and our valued clients.  We have attacked the challenge of COVID-19 head on for the past month and I am incredibly proud of my team for all they are doing to help slow the spread.

These are some of the heightened hygiene measures we are taking to ensure the safety of everyone and we ask for your help too.

When visiting us, please;

  • Use the hand sanitiser provided: As you enter and before touching any products, use the hand sanitiser supplied on the front desk.
  • Maintain social distancing: Keep a distance of around 4m2 from our team and other customers.
  • Be aware of payments: We’d prefer the use of card rather than cash to limit money handling.

We ask that if you are feeling unwell to please take into consideration the health and safety of others and let us know prior to your appointment. We have implemented a raft of other actions to help stop the spread.


As we are a business that is hands on we will continue to employ strict hygiene measures. These include:

  • Hands are being washed thoroughly between each patient
  • Benches and surfaces are being wiped down with disinfectant between patients
  • Our staff have masks that can be worn if you are concerned
  • Our Physiotherapist and staff have several changes of clothes ready to change into should a suspected coronavirus case walk through our doors.

Ways to help your community through COVID-19

Now more than ever we need kindness, consideration, and support for our local community and businesses. Please take care of your personal hygiene and keep social distancing to 4m2 to help slow the spread.

As we all appreciate, never have we encountered this in our modern lives, and there is a long journey ahead with many facets and dilemmas. We are doing our best to respond creatively to the challenges while protecting the safety of our team and community.

We look forward to sharing a smile with you. And, please don’t ever hesitate to ask us to help should you need.

Best wishes