Pilates by Design

Therapeutically prescribed exercise which enhances whole body strength, conditioning and flexibility. Pilates exercises are low impact, and are suitable for all ages and abilities. Classes have a maximum of 5 participants, which allows Fabian, our Senior Physiotherapist, to tailor exercises to your needs.

Targets: core, arms, legs, glutes and neck
Difficulty Rating: dependent on your commitment (tailored to your needs)
Good for: strength, flexibility, core, injury prevention, injury rehabilitation, posture correction

Ask us about session times

*$20 (casual)
*$35 (weekly)
*These sessions may be eligible for a rebate with your health insurance provider.

Slackline by Design

After a challenge? Want to try something new? Slacklining may be for you. Try your circus skills with us as you work out on a slackline (that’s just physio speak for tightrope). Great for balance and strengthening ankles along with leg, glute and core muscles. Have an open mind? Come and give it a go (BYO humour) 🙂

Targets: ankles, legs, glutes, core, balance
Difficulty Rating: 4-5 out of 5
Good For: all ages

Session Times:
By Appointment
Price on Application

Prices for classes:
$20 – 1 class per week
$35 for 2 classes per week.

All group classes are now limited to a maximum of 4 so we can teach in a safe environment.
Be sure to book ahead to confirm your spot.

One on one classes are still available at the studio. Call to book a time.


8:30am Mens Slackfit
9:00amMixed SlackfitWomens Slackfit Mixed SlackfitSlackfit
9.30am Mixed Slackfit
10.00amMixed Slackfit
4:30pmMixed PilatesMixed Pilates
5:00pmMixed PilatesMixed Pilates
5:30pmMixed PilatesMixed Pilates