Pilates by Design

30min session

Therapeutically prescribed exercise which enhances whole body strength, conditioning and flexibility. Pilates exercises are low impact, and are suitable for all ages and abilities. Classes have a maximum of 10 participants, which allows Fabian, our Senior Physiotherapist, to tailor exercises to your needs.

Targets: core, arms, legs, glutes and neck
Difficulty Rating: dependent on your commitment (tailored to your needs)
Good For: strength, flexibility, core, injury prevention, injury rehabilitation, posture correction

Session Times:
Monday 9:00am
Tuesday 6:15pm
Thursday 5:00pm
Thursday 6:15pm

*$20 (casual)
*$35 (weekly)
*these sessions may be eligible for a rebate with your health insurance provider

All classes are now run online so we can teach in a safe environment.
We will send you a link for a live online session once your booking has been confirmed.

Ensure you have enough clear space in which to participate. We will give you live feedback during the class.

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Slackline by Design

After a challenge? Want to try something new? Slacklining may be for you. Try your circus skills with us as you work out on a slackline (that’s just physio speak for tightrope). Great for balance and strengthening ankles along with leg, glute and core muscles. Have an open mind? Come and give it a go (BYO humour) 🙂

Targets: ankles, legs, glutes, core, balance
Difficulty Rating: 4-5 out of 5
Good For: all ages

Session Times:
By Appointment
Price on Application

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