Zoom 1 on 1

Physio exercise sessions tailored just for you to complete in your own time in your own space.

Zoom Us

Chat directly with our Physiotherapist via zoom

We wil book you an appointment for a zoom chat directly with our Physiotherapist. The appointment will last for 10 minutes.

Exercise online

View your videos on your page and exercise along with Fabian

We will upload video's of exercises tailored to your condition. Complete them in your own time in your own space.

See the results

Track your progress

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How it works

We send you a questionaire to fill out

Our Physiotherapist will arrange a zoom chat time to speak with you.

We will send you a unique login to your own personalised page where our Physiotherapist will walk you through exercises, stretches or trigger points tailored just for you.

What does it cost?


What do I get

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